22 November 2021 - by Teamglobal

Teamglobal wins the Best LCL Consolidator (Imports) for 11th Time in a row at the MALA awards 2021

Exim India’s Maritime and Logistics Award (MALA) 2021, in its 11th edition, dazzled at The St.Regi’s, Mumbai , with who’s the who of the industry in attendance at a packed venue to acknowledge the best in business, listen to some leading lights speak on a pertinent topic and last but not the least avail the opportunity to network in-person after a long time.

Teamglobal logistics pvt ltd emerged a winner in the best LCL consolidator (Imports) category for the 11th time in a row.


The award was received by  Mr.Nityam Khosla (Director), Mr.Rajesh Bhanushali (Director-Export LCL ), Mr.Hemant Bhanushali ( Director-Logistics ), Mr.Tejan Lakhia (Senior Vice President -FCL) Mr.Mitesh Joshi(Vice-President – Imports) and Mr.Rampal Tandon (Vice-President – Freight Management).


The main awards were given out in over 30 categories, accompanied by applause and cheers from the full house, to companies and individuals who excelled, which was even more pertinent this time given the challenges and constraints of the last year.


The occasion also saw some important felicitations - of leading companies for crossing key milestones and lending solemnity to the evening, two posthumous felicitations of those who left us for the heavenly abode in the past year after having made their mark in the industry.


05 October 2021 - by Teamglobal

Teamglobal honoured with best LCL consolidator of the year at India Maritime Awards 5th Edition conducted by Daily Shipping Times

India Maritime Awards 5th Edition, Organised & Managed by Daily Shipping Times held at St.Regis Hotel, on 01st October 2021, brought in the Leading Lights Stalwarts from the Maritime Trade under one roof after a spell of almost two years.

The entire trade applauded the lead taken by Daily Shipping Times in bringing the entire maritime fraternity together to mark this Award Ceremony and to felicitate the Top Achievers of the Maritime Trade.

Such a huge gathering of Maritime fraternity was held after a span of almost two years due to the ongoing pandemic and hence it provided an excellent networking opportunity for the august gathering. The entire trade was very much tankful for Daily Shipping Times in taking this lead and initiative.

Teamglobal Logistics Pvt Ltd was awarded the best LCL consolidator of the year amongst other felicitations.

10 June 2021 - by Teamglobal Logistics

Globicon Terminals launches Phase 2 of its ‘Faceless CFS’ initiative

Dear Valuable Customers, Globicon Terminals, Nhava Sheva is the first CFS to introduce Customer Portal to its customers under its ‘Faceless CFS’ initiative. In keeping up with GOI vision OF ‘Ease of Doing Business’, they announced the rollout of a ‘Customer Portal’. It has received a huge response from the customers especially during the pandemic times when the people movement are greatly restricted.

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Teamglobal Logistics

01 April 2021 - by Teamglobal

AMTOI AGM unanimously elects new office-bearers for 2015-16

At the 16th AGM of the Association of Multimodal Transport Operators of India (AMTOI), held at the Yacht Club, Colaba, Mumbai on Wednesday, September 2, 2015, the following office-bearers were unanimously elected for the term 2015-16:

President : Mr Vivek Kele, Teamglobal Logistics Pvt. Ltd
Vice-President : Mr R. K. Rubin, Transcon Freight System
Secretary : Mr Xerxes Master, Master Group of Companies
Treasurer : Mr Nailesh Gandhi, Express Transport Pvt. Ltd

The outgoing President Mr Sailesh Bhatia of Bhatia Shipping narrated the various achievements of AMTOI in the preceding year and, being his last term, thanked everyone within and related to AMTOI for their unstinted support during his tenure.

The incoming President Mr Vivek Kele thanked the Managing Committee for reposing their faith in him by electing him to lead the organisation in this critical time when the entire industry is undergoing a metamorphosis. The notable changes being the rise of coastal shipping, growth in e-commerce, establishment of new ports and terminals, expansion of highway networks and fast pacing of DFC and opening of inland water transport. Explaining his agenda for the incoming term, he said he will be pursuing the initiatives of Cargo Community Systems, creation of Confederation of Shipping and Logistics Industry Associations and Skill Development. AMTOI was mandated to pursue these initiatives by its Extended Board at the meeting held on July 4, 2015 in Goa. He said he will closely work with various trade bodies within the industry and jointly pursue these goals which will benefit the entire industry.

Notably, the Guest of Honour was the Director-General of Shipping, Mr Deepak Shetty, IRS. He briefed the members of the trade about the various initiatives the government of India is taking to facilitate ease of doing business, digitalization and e-governance. He gave detailed information on the redrafting of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 and how it will simplify the way the shipping industry operates in India. He said that the Act is hosted on the DG Shipping and MoS websites and comments have been invited from the trade within 30 days.

He also briefed about the proposed changes in the MMTG Act and how the new version of the Act should incorporate the changing operations of multimodal transport in India through use of IWT, coastal shipping, requirements in import shipments and many more. He also gave the Directorate�s views on the Dispute Resolution mechanism that is envisaged in the proposed amendment.

As in every year, AMTOI had organised interesting speakers post the AGM. Mr Sujan Hajra, a leading economist of the country, who was earlier with the Reserve Bank of India, and is currently Chief Economist at Anand Rathi Group, made an interesting presentation on how the developments in the last few weeks and months in the global economy, like reduction in oil prices, devaluation of yuan, and potential developments like the US Fed increasing the interest rates, will have a far-reaching impact on the global trade. He shared some interesting statistics on global commerce, peer countries and Indian economy to elucidate his views. In the Indian context, he spoke about government investments in logistics infrastructure in the areas of port terminals, dedicated freight corridors, new highways, and the impact of these developments on the Indian transport sector.

Mr Girish Venkataraman, CEO of IIFL Investment Adviser and Trustee Services, spoke about preserving family wealth. He said that a majority of the businesses in the logistics industry in India, and to a certain extent globally, are still family controlled and there will always be a challenge when the business gets transferred from one generation to the next, and how by taking proactive measures one can preserve the wealth during this transition. He highlighted the challenges being faced by business families in this regard and as to how these could be overcome by taking simple steps and creating proper tax efficient structures.

Established in 1998, AMTOI has over the years become a voice of the industry. It has participated in numerous industry events and represented thetrade in government fora to give valuable inputs on policymaking. AMTOI also has an extended board with prominent trade bodies (see box). The EB meets every 3 months and discusses various common industry issues.

The AGM was well attended by a cross-section of the industry as well as prominent members of the trade, among whom were Capt. M. M. Saggi, Director of NMIS, Mr Dinesh Lal of AMI India, Mr Nityam Khosla of Teamglobal Logistics, Mr George Abror of Omega Shipping, and Mr Prithwijit Maitra of Maersk India Agencies, informed a release.

08 March 2021 - by Teamglobal

AMTOI will continue its efforts for the betterment of the maritime & logistics industry - Vivek Kele, President

As a President of AMTOI, I am happy to pen down the happenings at AMTOI. At AMTOI, we have always strived to get various segments of our industry together through our extended board, discuss issues of common interest and find solution jointly. As the world faces issues of climatic changes, rising incidents of terrorism, declining crude prices and continued down turn, it has direct impact on the shipping industry globally and at home in India.

Whilst the above is true, we are at an advantageous position in India where our industry is undergoing several positive changes and a few challenges. The changes are the several far-reaching steps being taken by the Modi government in building transportation infrastructure, in the last 18 months we have seen several infrastructure projects as in ports, terminals, Dedicated Freight Corridors; new highways, developing port of Chabahar in Iran either being announced as new projects or the existing ones are being fast tracked. Additionally, there has been slew of policy changes as in advent of GST, promotion of Indian flag ships through equitable tax regime, promotion of inland waterways, signing of Indo-Bangla Coastal Shipping Agreement and many more.

On the other hand, the challenges that our industry is facing is Notices being received by our members on payment of service tax on freight and freight differentials, delay in passing of GST Bill in Parliament, continuous decline in exports due to falling global demand in the developed countries, etc.

It is very clear that the changing infrastructure landscape opens huge opportunities for Logistics Service Providers at a strategic level whilst the challenges keep us busy on a tactical mode. The development of infrastructure will ensure that the movement of goods is expected to be much faster in future, however, just addition of infrastructure is not sufficient, we need to complement the same by automation of various processes and weeding out of wastage in the supply chain arising out of cumbersome procedures. On a daily basis, we see that the smooth movement of goods is constantly interrupted by procedural hurdles like payment of tolls, congestion at the port gates, stoppage at octroi/border check post, delays in passing of documents so on and so forth. As you can see that most if not all these issues are man-made and it�s totally in our hands to weed out these wastage by reengineering and automating these processes. The idea to together promote the free and fast movement of goods across the country and across the borders.

Whilst everyone wishes that India should fare better on the Logistics Performance Index and Ease of Doing Business Index with the expectation that the government should do something about it. Whilst this is true, even we can do something about it individually and at an association level. At AMTOI, we have realised that we have several industry associations working individually to address issues of their members which are specific to a particular segment. Whilst this is needed, there is an absence of an umbrella organisation which can combine these voices and be a common face to the government. When this issue was deliberated at the extended board meeting of AMTOI it was realised that we need to form a Confederation of Logistics Associations and AMTOI was mandated to coordinate these efforts.

We have also identified common agenda points for the confederations, these will be Promotion of Cargo Community System and Skill Development. So whilst the Confederation is being conceptualized, AMTOI in the interim has already started working on the common agenda points and we hope to announce some developments on this front in the coming months. We are also working with the government to assist in policy making and amendment of various maritime laws. We will continue with our efforts for the betterment of our industry by bringing all stakeholders together and working towards commonly identified goals.

08 March 2021 - by Teamglobal

Teamglobal Logistics commences own operations in Jaipur

Teamglobal logistics Pvt. Ltd one of the leading LCL Carrier having pan India presence has ventured in the important market of Rajasthan by opening its own office in Jaipur.

The Company was started in year 2005 by one of the most credible names in the shipping industry who have decades of experience in the business of LCL cargo consolidation. Over the years Teamglobal has expanded rapidly in 16 locations in India thus ensuring that its customers are being offered a uniform logistic solution across India.

Teamglobal Logistics would be operating in the Sea freight & the Air freight segments from this location. Apart from consolidation in LCL service Teamglobal will also offer Full container Forwarding and Project cargo transportation solutions. Teamglobal is also into the FCL forwarding business. Teamglobal will continue its service into Central African Land locked Destinations.

Teamglobal is globally associated with Shipco Transport & SACO and is a member of World Wide Alliance (WWA), WWA is a network of strong LCL operators globally who are market leaders in their countries of operations.

Teamglobal Jaipur operations will be overseen by branch manager Mr. Rajendra Singh Chouhan who is complimented by a team of well experienced and trained staff. Mr. Shibu Paul is the Regional Manager for North India and will have Jaipur as an additional branch under his jurisdiction.