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13 October 2021 - by Teamglobal eBusiness

Dear Valued Customer,

Further to mail update on 24-JUNE, We have been informed by our Egypt office, that the Egyptian Customs introduced a new system regarding the pre-registration of cargo information. From July1st, 2021 (Egypt arrival date), all shipments exported to Egypt by sea have to be registered as follows. The full implementation of ACI is as of 1st October 2021(ETA at 1st Port of Loading). Without valid ACID#, we will strictly refrain from loading any shipment planned to be destined to Egypt due to the regulation.
Importers of goods are obligated to register their data, exporter data and shipment data through the electronic portal of the National Single Window System for Foreign called, Nafeza“( prior sailing.
After successful registration and acceptance of the cargo by Egypt customs, the importer (as well as the exporter as per current status) will receive an Advanced Cargo Information Declaration number(ACID) issued by the Nafeza system via e-mail.
Exporters have to mention the ACID number within all shipping documents (commercial invoice, packing list, Bills of Lading etc.) and must ensure to provide the ACID number to their nominated freight forwarder.
Furthermore, exporters require a mandatory registration at CargoX (, the block-chain service provider approved by Egyptian authorities.
Such uploads need to be marked with the respective (ACID) number and completed latest 48 hours prior to the arrival of the vessel at the port of destination in Egypt.
If this number is not included within the shipping documents, the cargo will not be released, but returned at the expense of the goods without unloading in the Egyptian ports!
Further more the ACID number has to be mentioned in the B/L instructions, we prefer underneath the description of goods. Without the ACID number we cannot ship the cargo to Egypt!
The Egyptian customs recommend to start with the above mentioned procedures, as the Nafeza system is already in a trial period and possible problems can be solved in advance before the procedure will be mandatory from July 1st, 2021.
In case you require any further assistance please feel free to contact our customer service desk or our sales team.

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