ESG Governance Structure And Roadmap

ESG Governance Structure and Roadmap

ESG Roadmap
ESG Governance

We will implement the ESG policy with following mechanism:

  • Strategic Guidance by the Board of Directors
  • Resource allocation and progress monitoring by ESG Leadership Committee
  • Development of systems and practices for actions, data management and capacity building by ESG Management Committee

ESG Roadmap

We will use a strategic ESG roadmap to address priority focus areas, develop targets, monitoring mechanisms, and disclose ESG performance in accordance with global ESG standard reporting frameworks.

Our Team

Nityam Khosla Director - Teamglobal
Vivek Kele Director - Teamglobal
Rajesh Bhanushali Director - LCL - Teamglobal
Sandeep Palodkar VP - HR/IR, Admin - Teamglobal
Shyam Sharda CFO - Teamglobal
Salim Shikalgar CEO - ICTPL
Dhairya Sangoi ESG Program Manager