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13 October 2021 - by Teamglobal eBusiness


Dear Valued Customer,
 As per customs circular- F.No 450/81/2011-Cus IV, dated 18-08-2021, CFS’s have been mandated to weigh all the import loaded containers at the time of arrival in the CFS & share the data to customs.
Following this, all import containers will be weighed upon arrival.
As a result of above notification the CFS authorities have decided to charge Rs. 350/- Per BOE weighment charges on LCL shipment w.e.f 18.09.2021.
We request your co-operation and support.
Please feel free to contact respective sales/CS for further query.

With Regards
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13 October 2021 - by Teamglobal eBusiness


Dear Valued Customer,

Further to mail update on 24-JUNE, We have been informed by our Egypt office, that the Egyptian Customs introduced a new system regarding the pre-registration of cargo information. From July1st, 2021 (Egypt arrival date), all shipments exported to Egypt by sea have to be registered as follows. The full implementation of ACI is as of 1st October 2021(ETA at 1st Port of Loading). Without valid ACID#, we will strictly refrain from loading any shipment planned to be destined to Egypt due to the regulation.
Importers of goods are obligated to register their data, exporter data and shipment data through the electronic portal of the National Single Window System for Foreign called, Nafeza“( prior sailing.
After successful registration and acceptance of the cargo by Egypt customs, the importer (as well as the exporter as per current status) will receive an Advanced Cargo Information Declaration number(ACID) issued by the Nafeza system via e-mail.
Exporters have to mention the ACID number within all shipping documents (commercial invoice, packing list, Bills of Lading etc.) and must ensure to provide the ACID number to their nominated freight forwarder.
Furthermore, exporters require a mandatory registration at CargoX (, the block-chain service provider approved by Egyptian authorities.
Such uploads need to be marked with the respective (ACID) number and completed latest 48 hours prior to the arrival of the vessel at the port of destination in Egypt.
If this number is not included within the shipping documents, the cargo will not be released, but returned at the expense of the goods without unloading in the Egyptian ports!
Further more the ACID number has to be mentioned in the B/L instructions, we prefer underneath the description of goods. Without the ACID number we cannot ship the cargo to Egypt!
The Egyptian customs recommend to start with the above mentioned procedures, as the Nafeza system is already in a trial period and possible problems can be solved in advance before the procedure will be mandatory from July 1st, 2021.
In case you require any further assistance please feel free to contact our customer service desk or our sales team.

13 October 2021 - by Teamglobal Chennai


Dear Valuable Customers,

We are committed in providing you with best of our services at all the time, it is our endeavor to keep you updated on trade and compliance requirements.
In current situation, ocean shipping is facing several hurdles like inventory, space and transit. Carriers also enforcing stringent document requirements with timelines for them to manage their operational contingency and improve performance in planning, transhipment handling and loading.
While we are getting prepared to meet SCMTR requirements in India.
United States of America (USA) and Canada (CA) Customs are also consistently administers with strict regulations to be followed by Shipping lines ensuring that AMS / ACI for respective Countries are completed in timely manner for their CBP and CBSA. Which means House BL & ISF filing 24 HRS before the Vessel arrives (ETA) at origin port of loading as per the Customs and Carrier compliance.
Hence we request you to please share us below set of details and instructions while US/CA cargo carted in CFS and not later container stuffing. Necessary pre requisites like container, CFS, mother vessel, scac can be procured from our team for your AMS/ISF filing purpose.

  • AMS/ISF/ACI filing (self-filer by Shipper/forwarder or service required from Teamglobal)
  • HBL number (i.e., your house bill of lading number used for filing)
  • Number of packages as per your HBL
  • Shipping instruction with terms of shipment, POD and final destination

This will allow us to plan our operational and carrier requirements are fulfilled within prescribed cut off, enabling smooth loading, transhipment connections as per scheduled events.
Though the mandatory requirement of AMS/ISF/ACI filing 24HRS before ETA at origin load port is made compulsory by Hapag Lloyd (attached notice), we intend to follow the above process irrespective of carriers to ensure that all our US/CA containers are planned and executed as per schedule.
We appreciate your support and should you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact our representative.
Teamglobal Logistics Pvt Ltd, Chennai

13 October 2021 - by Teamglobal eBusiness


Dear Valuable Customer,
Please be advised that Nhava Sheva Customs & Punjab CFS have declared a holiday on the occasion of Dussehra on 15-OCT-2021.
Hence there will be no operational activity (such as carting, stuffing) carried out at Punjab CFS. In view of the above we request you to kindly plan and prioritize your shipments and arrange for the documents to be handed over to us accordingly.
Our Mumbai office will also be closed on 15-OCT-2021
In case you need further assistance, please feel free to contact our Sales / CS team.

Best Regards
Teamglobal Logistics Pvt Ltd

01 June 2021 - by Teamglobal

Australia Palletization

Dear Valuable Customers, We have been informed by CFS authorities that while carting/ storage of HAZ goods in CFS , we all have to submit the MSDS (material safety data sheet) along with the carting form to CFS in charge. This has to be implemented strictly failing which Hazardous cargo shall not be allowed for storage.

Please click here for more details

Best Regards , 

Teamglobal Logistics

12 May 2021 - by Teamglobal

Sea Cargo Manifest & Transhipment Regulation

15th May, 2021 Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment (SCMT) Regulation, 2021 Dear Customer, Further to our earlier advisory dated 4th Nov’2020 on the SCMT Regulation, please find an update basis Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs Notification No. 39/2021, trial phase is extended till 31st May 2021 thereafter the mandatory compliance requirements for submissions

Sr. No. Exports Process Information required Manifest Document Timeline*
1 Once Shipper / Custom broker files the Shipping Bill, Customs automated system will generate PCIN corresponding to cargo covered under single Shipping Bill. Shipper / Custom broker to share all the required documents as per the existing process and in addition provide PCIN details along with Shipping Instruction details.


The above information must be accompanied by clear SI i.e., Shipping instructions for Bill of Lading release (merge/split shipments)

No later than 4 days prior to vessel berthing at any Indian port of call.

For Imports:

This new regulation allows Ice-gate registered freight forwarders to file their CSN – Entry (Cargo Summary Notification-Entry) directly with Indian customs. All House Bill(s) of Lading “HBL” pertaining to calling the first Indian port and subsequent Indian ports need to be declared in the CSN – Entry, prior vessel arrival at last foreign port of call before calling India.

In order for us to comply with this request, we would like to start receiving your manifest documents within the below timelines.

Sr. No. Scenario Details required Manifest Document Timeline*
1 Self-Filers: Custom brokers and Freight forwarders registered with Indian Customs and filing their own manifest with Indian customs a) Provide HBL copy and furnish PCIN (Primary Cargo Identification Number). PCIN is generated by Custom Dept., whenever an actual consignee name is manifested with Indian customs.


b) CSN-Entry must be filed with accurate packages & weight as per Teamglobal origin agent released Master BL and accordingly Teamglobal will release the Import Delivery order.

No later than 4 days prior to vessel arrival at the last foreign port of call.
2 Non Self-Filers : Custom brokers and Freight forwarders engaging services of Teamglobal to file their cargo manifest with Indian Customs Provide HBL copy No later than 5 days prior to vessel arrival at the last foreign port of call.
3 New Email id for manifest documents This Email ID is only for Sea Import manifest documents & related queries. In case of any revisions after sending the manifest HBL, written request should be submitted and confirmation must be obtained from our
4 6 digit HSN code with clear cargo description on House BL’s
5 a) Cargo Invoice value is required for filing manifest, not required to be shown on BL
b) Your office can send House BL wise cargo value details in separate “Supplementary Manifest Information.xls” file (format attached)
c) In case customer is not willing to declare the invoice value then Teamglobal has no option but to update the value as ZERO (0)
6 6 IEC (Import Export Code) of consignee must be mentioned on House BL’s
7 PAN (Permanent Account Number) of notify, must be mentioned on House BL
8 Changes in House BL weight & packages will NOT be accepted without revision in Co-load BL issued by our agent at origin

* Manifest document deadlines will be reviewed every month till the successful implementation of SCMT Regulation, 2020

Needless to say, any Non-compliance to the above requirements within agreed timelines, will lead to cargo not being considered for loading and / or Issuance of Bill of lading may be withheld where the entire risk, cost and consequence remain on account of merchant.

Teamglobal will also be not responsible for any inaccurate manifest filing due to any delay or non-receipt of complete, accurate, manifest documents and PCIN details from your office and non-compliance of mandatory Indian customs requirements.

We understand that this new requirement by Indian customs may be disruptive to your current processes and we like to express our sincere appreciation for your understanding and cooperation. Our main objective is to receive your manifest documents in time in order to have accurate manifest with Indian customs as per new regulation requirement.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at the concerned desk.

Best Regards

Teamglobal Logistics Pvt Ltd

SCMT desk –